England Golf: Give it a Shot

Following golf’s surge in popularity this summer, post-lockdown, Performance54 worked with England Golf to maximise new membership uptake and launch the ‘Membership: Give it a Shot’ campaign.

The campaign was constructed with a targeted focus, following the development of a detailed audience segmentation, and, despite the nuance in reasons for taking up golf club membership, identified and communicated the most common factors in that decision – such as flexibility, cost / value for money, and the social benefits – to ensure resonance.

An incentive scheme was also developed to inspire golfers into taking positive action towards membership or refer a friend to do the same. Working hand-in-hand with the core campaign, both helped drive short-term benefit and provide a foundation for the next phase of delivery, which can be activated beyond 2020.

Utilising Performance54’s full range of marketing capabilities, the campaign combined a digital media focus with full creative, video production and PR support to drive golf club membership growth in England.

Other Highlights
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