We have #OnlyOneEarth. Golf is helping to take care of it.

Reflections from Tom Stodart, Performance54’s Sustainability Champion

Environmental protection has never been a more important topic and with the arrival of World Environment Day today, it is crucial that golf continues to be a part of that conversation.

After all, with a campaign message calling for collective, transformative action, golf has the opportunity to continue stamping its mark on the global stage for what it has achieved and for good reason too, because there is so much to celebrate in this area already.

As Performance54’s Sustainability Champion, I have been working alongside the events operations team and various clients over the past year to deliver activities in a sustainable manner and create initiatives that put words into action, so have seen for myself the work that is being undertaken throughout the sport to care for our environment.

Whether it was partnering with Aggreko to deliver solar solutions for event hospitality (which also included recycling their grey water by-product), reusing event infrastructure at multiple tournaments or working with REBORN to produce clothing made entirely from recycled plastic, no stone has been left unturned in ours’ and our client’s pursuit to answer the question of sustainability in golf.

That dedication to sustainable action transcends our business and across many other brands and organisations we support, most notably the work that went into the launch of Sentosa’s sustainability campaign – #GAMEON – which has positioned the Singaporean golf club as a sustainable pioneer that others in the industry look to for leadership on climate action.

Sustainability reaches further than just the environment however, and with other campaigns being delivered to address issues of access, inclusion and opportunity, such as Ladies Day, we are too ensuring our remit carries into the realms of social responsibility as well.

Having worked across the business with forward-thinking brands and organisations to enact their sustainability ambitions, that shared sense of purpose of environmental care is clear to see and whilst their approaches differ in some instances, they do all share an ability to embrace innovation and adopt a creative mindset to find the solutions to the problem.

It is that approach that I am most proud to be a part of as P54’s Sustainability Champion and as we each reflect on our own efforts on World Environment Day, I so too encourage you to do the same.

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