National Golf Sustainability Strategy

In an already historic week for sport in Saudi Arabia, Golf Saudi went one step further as they unveiled the launch of a world’s first pioneering National Golf Sustainability Strategy, which embraces an innovative culture and ambitious outlook across key environmental, economic, and social aspects of the sport.

The National Golf Sustainability Strategy includes a comprehensive system of verifiable standards and performance indicators within the design, construction and operational phases, that will both guide the sector and substantiate future claims and communications. Existing programmes and tools are complemented with a cutting edge and carefully targeted research and innovation agenda which aims to develop new knowledge and solutions for the more complex issues.

The announcement was supported by several of Saudi Arabia’s leading stakeholders, including Aramco, the tournament title sponsor. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Golf Saudi and Saudi Aramco signifying an intent to pursuing national leadership in environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Backed by the ladies out on course, the players donned their best emerald shades on the second day of the Aramco Saudi Ladies International presented by PIF to support “Green Friday” and show their support for Golf Saudi’s new eco-initiative. The course’s pin flags were also turned green, as were the tournament leaderboards, and the famous 16th hole was adorned with two ‘Green Agenda’ tee boards in other ways to herald the world-first scheme.

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