GEO Foundation, the international sustainable golf non-profit, and Performance54, specialist golf marketing and communications agency, have today announced a new partnership that aims to further elevate sustainability awareness, action and results across the sport globally.

Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, GEO Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm towards greater promotion of sustainability in and through golf: “Bringing a sustainable approach into golf facilities, developments and tournaments can help the sport during these challenging times. From efficiencies to course enhancements, and from new partnerships to broader popularity, golf can benefit greatly – doing well as it does good. We look forward to strengthening both awareness and the promotion of credible leadership with P54 at this important time for the sport, the environment and society”.

Performance54 will assist GEO by advancing awareness strategies and the sustainable golf narrative, with the goals of increasing levels of interest and the sense of urgency for golf to play its part on key environmental and social issues; reinforcing the business case to golf facilities, tournaments and associations; and championing individual leadership examples.

In turn, GEO will assist Performance54 in developing its own working practices and capabilities by sharing experience, insights and sustainability principles. This will enhance the company’s approach to impact-led marketing, as it looks towards a future in which sustainability becomes the yardstick by which successful delivery is measured.

Jed Moore, Managing Director of Performance54, added: “Sustainability and climate action are defining issues of our generation. We’re proud to partner with GEO Foundation to increase the visibility of these vital issues; to promote the insights, knowledge and solutions they provide; and celebrate the results they help generate.

“It will also give us the opportunity to reconnect with our core values and acknowledge the role sustainability must play across all aspects of our work. Practically, it will assist the team at Performance54 to help our partners make an even greater difference in their communities and enhance their businesses as they do so.”

Jamie Graham, Communications Manager, GEO Foundation is excited to start: “Our expectation is that this collaboration with Performance54 can help accelerate the existing momentum in sustainable golf. Ever-increasingly we see tangible and credible results being generated across the industry in terms of nature conservation, resource efficiency, community support and climate action.

“This collaboration will enable us to further amplify those results and provide that community with an even more visible platform to proudly promote their work.  This is incredibly rewarding for all of us who care about the sport, the environment and communities.”

The partnership cements recent months of collaboration which have included the support of joint clients, including GEO’s OnCourse users and GEO Certified® venues, such as Sentosa Golf Club and Al Mouj Muscat, plus advancing a world-leading sustainable golf development strategy for Saudi Arabia.

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