Etched in History

As the sun sets on the Kingdom’s first-ever professional women’s golf tournaments, we have a chance to reflect on an extraordinary couple of weeks.

Whilst the buzz of crowning our inaugural champions reverberates, it is the safe passage of players, partners and guests through our pandemic protocols that is most satisfying. It is not every day you have the chance to be involved in historic occasions in golf, nor is it usual to have such responsibility for the personal welfare of so many others, but Saudi Arabia has dealt with both with the utmost care and attention.

The creation of the Ladies First Club, an initiative which will provide Saudi girls and women with free access to golf equipment and lessons, will encourage ongoing participation. Reaching a capacity of 1,000 in just four days confirms the significance that both weeks have had on the collective Saudi conscious. Telling the story of what this means for the Kingdom by shining a light on some remarkable achievements by Saudi women will live long in the memory.

The launch of the world’s first National Golf Sustainability Strategy is another first. Understanding that this is more than an announcement, but a programme that will be woven into the strategy of some of world golf’s most significant new developments stands to generate some significant results for the game. Moreover, a partnership with Aramco will inject major impetus into how the strategy can unlock new ways and means to nurture and sustain the environment.

There has been such a multitude of partners whose support would not have allowed us to deliver what we have. It is without doubt one of the most rewarding experiences based on our collective teamwork and cooperation. One lasting reminder is the importance of content. Seeing it resonate first-hand with Saudi men and women, the players and stakeholders via some powerful stories, kept spirits high and was a constant reminder of the power of the game.

Goodnight and see you next year.

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