The Women in Golf Charter recognises the importance of more women and girls playing and working in golf. That’s why, nine months ago, we set three non-playing staff members off on their own golfing journeys.

Via our Performane54 Golf Bursary, they had the opportunity to learn how to play golf and encourage others to do the same, and safe to say they’ve grabbed it with both hands.

Shreena, Kate and Rosanna have made incredible progress with their golf games and have shared their experiences, in hope that they can inspire others to pick up a golf club too.

Shreena Patel

It has definitely been a journey, from not being able to hit the ball to 120 yards with my 7-iron (that is quite far for me!)

Over the last 9 months, I have realised that finding the right PGA Professional is important, it makes a big difference when it comes to your progress and the enjoyment of the game. I have had a mixture of group lessons and private lessons, and I would recommend group lessons for any beginner. It is a fun way to meet like-minded people, and the encouragement from one another really helps, you’re all in it together.

I played my first 9 holes before Christmas, and it wasn’t fantastic. I had the perfect lesson the day before, ran through everything I’d need to know but when I stepped up to the tee, it all disappeared. I lost 3 balls to the bushes, had to shout FORE a few times and definitely lost the feeling in my toes and fingers… but I DID IT and that was a good feeling. I’m ready for my next round but in the sunshine, with my friends and family.

I’m not one for new Years’ resolutions, however, I have given myself the goal of getting a handicap this year. It doesn’t matter how high it is, just as long as I have a handicap. I find if I give myself goals to work towards, I’m more productive between lessons and I actually start to see my progression.

The golf bursary has given me the opportunity to not only learn how to play the game but also understand the fundamentals and why people love it so much. It has helped me with my day-to-day dealings with clients, and how I approach work tasks. It’s also really encouraging to see how enthusiastic my colleagues are when they hear how I’m progressing, they are always keen to give me a quick tip on my grip or why I’m hitting it so far right!

Alongside being given the Performance54 Golf Bursary as part of their commitment to the Women in Golf Charter, I am lucky enough to be a part of The Women in Golf Charter Leadership Foundation Programme. The programme allows me to share my experiences with other women in the industry and this includes talking about my lessons and progression, day-to-day work and how it all links together. The charter has created so many opportunities for women and girls, not only when it comes to playing but also working within the industry.

Kate Smart

Over the past 9 months I think it is fair to say that I have caught the golf ‘bug’. I may not be good enough to play the full 18 yet, but thanks to the Performance54 Golf Bursary I am now confident enough to play 9 holes!

At university I played hockey, so I was pretty confident when it came to my hand-eye coordination, however I soon found out that you don’t need to hit the ball as aggressively with a golf club. I really enjoyed my lessons, especially as I was able to relax and spend some time outside. There are so many things I needed to think about during my lessons; my grip, how I’m standing – am I too upright or too close, is my weight on the right leg, is my club face too open or closed and so on but my PGA Professional kept me at ease the whole time.

After a few months of lessons, I felt confident enough to have a go playing 9 holes and luckily the one near me was quiet, so it wasn’t too intimidating. It’s quite hard to try and remember everything I’d learnt during my lessons, but I liked the challenge, and the more I played the more I realised I didn’t need to think about it, it just happened.

When I first joined the company my golf knowledge was very minimal, but these lessons have really helped with learning how the game is played, what certain things mean and what golf is about. This naturally helps with my job as I understand the context more, I can be creative but also understand what the client wants from me.

I definitely have a long way to go, but I am really enjoying this journey and I’m hoping later this year I’ll be able to play a full round with my family, mainly my Grandma! Without this opportunity, I don’t think I’d ever have taken up the game.

Rosanna Leach

I had my first one-to-one lesson on 10th September 2021, so nearly 6 months ago to the day. I remember feeling quite nervous walking into the bay as I had only ever had a couple of group lessons before, but my PGA Professional put me at ease instantly. He had his work cut out, but he was encouraging with every swing I took.

As it got colder and things got busier in the run up to Christmas, the golf lessons took a bit of a back seat, but I am now looking forward to getting back on the range and making some progress this year.

Taking up golf has definitely helped me appreciate the game and the amount of work and time it requires to be anywhere close to good. It is a constant work in progress and challenges you mentally and physically. My goal for this year is to keep up with the lessons and practice, with the hope that I can get my first 9 holes in this summer without doing too much damage to the course or myself.

The Performance54 Golf Bursary has really helped with work, I can follow conversations about equipment, how people play and why they play certain courses over others. I understand the fundamentals a lot more and with each lesson that develops, I want to know more!

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